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Define Web – Understanding Hosting

One of the best ways to understand website hosting and ongoing maintenance is to relate them to cars.

As an overview, trying thinking about it like this – Your car is your website, your parking lot is the web host (the space on the web) and the sign on your carpark that ensures now one else takes it is your domain name. They are 3 separate entities that combine to make your site work.

Like your car, you will need to service, upgrade and maintain your website. As for the domain and the hosting – well you simply pay an annual fee for them and they remain intact and maintained.

The website, like your car requires a bit more ongoing support, and that’s where we come in. Our care plans handle that for you. Ensuring the software remains up to date and everything is as it should be. Like your car – your site can sometimes break down but the more hands on we are the less this happens and the quicker the fix.

Expecting your website to be live and accessible 100% of the time is a little bit unrealistic as there are just so many variables that can affect it. We aim for 99% of the time and if your site happens to go array – then just get in touch ASAP – it’s likely we will already be working on the fix.

Our webhosting care plans will allow you to relax and trust that your site is being looked after.

See our pricing structure below and our FAQS just below that.

Got Questions? See our FAQs below

Where will the site be hosted?

We use Sydney based servers, we chose these servers based on their location, reliability, track record (having worked with them for 8 years) and speed.

Why is the location of your servers relevant?

We get it – you google hosting and there are many options to choose from. It’s very easy to sign up to a large hosting company – without really understanding much about the process.

It can be a confusing world. The location of the servers are important because they have an effect on the speed of your site – many of the large companies have their closest servers in Singapore or Asia or even further afield meaning that the loading time is increased. Loading time is important and it’s important to have your servers closer to the bulk of your audience here in NZ.

Do you do emails also?

We offer set up for G suite email service. This service allows you to use the reliable gmail service but with your own domain name. It allows you to access your emails from anywhere ( ) or they have a great mobile app. We prefer this option due to its reliability and ease of use. If you would like to integrate your Gmail into one of your computers built in email programs (like Apple Mail or Outlook) this is a specialist job requiring an It specialist, not something we support currently.

Can’t I just update the site myself?

In theory, yes – but the updates of both the plugins, themes and core WordPress can sometimes be problematic. If we are in the site an uncover and issue we are able to rectify the issue as quick as possible to ensure uptime of your site.

Does all of this monitoring mean my site won’t be hacked?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you a guarantee against hacking, but it does make it less likely. All of these steps work together to reduce the risk but there will also be issues that are out of our control in this constantly changing industry.

What happens if my site is hacked?

Contact us and we will let you know your options, typically we can restore your site to a clean back up, but there are times when the hack is deeper and a site clean may be required.

Are there any other benefits to keeping my site up to date?

Of course, Google tends to favour sites that are up to date and adding content, so this can help in your search engine ranking.

How will I know if the work required is more than the monthly allotment?

If you are on our tier one plan then 10 mins is the allotted time. If we think it will run over – we will drop you an email and give you an estimate. As always, we are very fair with our time management.

Can I save up my hours like rollover data?

Yes but only up to 3 months worth. We are a pretty fair and kind bunch, so we will let you know should your requested edits take longer than expected.

Can I Cancel at any time?

Yes, it is
possible to move your site from one web host to another. Keep in mind its not
as simple as drag and drop and some companies may charge for it. If you jump
around it could also affect your google ranking, so it’s a good idea to stay
settledonce you are happy. If you are unhappy with our service – simply drop us
an email and we can see what we can do to help.

Still got questions? Please reach out and we will be in touch!